How we use Pre-Auth

Authorisation and pending amounts explained:

Credit/debit card providers and online banks have introduced stricter security measures.

This means we need to check we can take payment from your card to ensure you are the owner of the card and that you have sufficient funds to pay for your journey. 365 Taxis immediately cancel any payment authorisation if a journey is not completed, these may still show as ‘pending’ until released by your bank.

Some banks can be slow to release pending charges. The actual charge for the fare will take place after you have completed your trip and the pre-authorisation is cancelled, sometimes resulting in there appearing to be two transactions on your account, we have no control over the speed in which your bank or credit card provider removes this pre-authorisation. 

If you change payment method during your trip, the ‘pending’ charge will still remain until released by your bank. 

We recommend contacting your bank if you have any questions.